Shooting (with a signal) at right angle to hit alien world (green planet).

(use mouse)


Code: @Bartek#8774 (

Graphics: @GraphicEdit#478 (

Music: @Ben Mayes#5880 (


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I laughed very much when the earth be dust lmao


Very interesting concept. It would be cool to improve the graphics and maybe create some sort of tutorial. I also found out that I can just spam the shooting button and shoot everywhere until I accidentally hit the target.

i really like the concept of bouncing things off other things. but for some reason this was a bit more tough to make skillfull shots due to some of the angles on the planets. most shots had to be REALLY precise to get the angle you wanted. maybe a bigger ball for better angle reflections. most the level victorys were from lucky bounces that i didnt even plan. i would also add some feedback to when you actually hit the right planet to win the level.

Thank you

Yes We will do that

it's nice ^^


Love it! Fresh mechanics :D

Nice special FX and soundFX. Good music and art.

A custom made cursor would turn up the games atmosphere a notch.


Loved the game! Pretty hard to get into first but overall it was really fun!


Thank you